maya-astronomical-calendar2012 has become part of our popular culture.  It sells books, movies and gives the History Channel plenty of opportunities for television programs.  When John Major Jenkins first discovered the 2012 date, I don’t think he realized the impact it would have, or how it would be distorted.  I had the pleasure of spending some time with John last year and it’s interesting that when people start bringing up the end of the world discussions, he is the first to say “that’s not what I said”.  Sadly no one wants to hear that.   He has been repeatedly turned away from television programs because he doesn’t have the message producers want to hear.    Saying that you discovered a date that signifies the end of a  galactic cycle will be interesting to a few people.  Throw in “end of the world” to the description and now you’ve got something.

All that changed this week.  A discovery in Xultan in Northern Guatemala revealed a new calendar.  Not only does it go another 7000 years into the future, but it also reveals a new longer count cycle than the previous calendar.   So much for the end of the world.  What will the History Channel do for programming for 2013?  Time to come up with some new evidence for Atlantis to keep them on the air.

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