Welcome to the Atlantis Project. This will be a collaboration site for serious Atlantis researchers. In 25 years of researching Atlantis I have found many people spread across the globe with bits of valid information about Atlantis. For some reason these bits of evidence have yet to come together to form a
coherent picture. My hope is that this site will facilitate the bringing together the facts about Atlantis once and for all.

Here are some basic premises that I am using as a starting point. These may be revised over time;

  • Atlantean culture existed on a semi-global scale prior to 8,000 B.C.
  • Structures may exist throughout the Atlantic region, North and South America.
  • Underwater artifacts may exist in up to 2000 feet of water
  • Structures in North America may exist 12-20 feet below the surface
  • Signification structure locations were predetermined by a master plan and not by natural resources.
  • Atlantean and Egyptian cultures are closely linked.