Plato’s account of Atlantis was from the Egyptians, that was told by Solon to Plato’s grandfather and so on. Despite all of the retelling of it, his account is considered to be fairly accurate. This is Plato’s story of Atlantis.

The arrangement of Atlantis was concentric rings. They alternated water and land. The soil was perfect, the architecture was magnificent and the work of the engineers was successful. There was an extraordinary irrigation system. Atlantis had an organized military system as well as many kings. To all of those looking in from the outside, it seemed as if Atlantis was paradise. Not everyone in Atlantis thought so, however, as many of them ended up being enslaved with no hopes of getting out in the near future.

Atlantis looked similar to Athens are far as rituals go. There were prayers and sacrificial offerings. Those in Athens weren’t fond of Atlantis despite some of the commonalities of the two areas. Atlantis ended up being attacked by Asia and Europe. Even with the well put together military system, Atlantis struggled to overcome their many attackers. No matter how hard they fought or what resources they had, it proved to not be enough. Athens was the force that eventually beat the Atlanteans.

After the Greeks won they freed the slaves and no longer allowed anymore individuals to become enslaved. This war is what ultimately did in Atlantis. The area suffered from devastating earthquakes and floods once the battle was over. It ended up sinking into the sea. Athenian warriors weren’t able to escape and the earth ended up swallowing them up.