One of my main issues with Atlantis is that it is difficult to prove head on.  You really need to take a more of forensic approach to looking at evidence.   Hence ancient Egypt as a starting point.  What were the trade routes?  What things from what one region ended up in another?  What evidence of warfare exists?  And what of construction techniques?

Christopher Dunn’s latest book “Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt” doesn’t specifically deal with Atlantis, or really even mention it for that matter.  What he does do is shed new light on the technical capabilities of the ancient Egyptians.  He does a deep dive into technical details of construction techniques based on the evidence that most experts have overlooked.

The book probably sacrifices mass market appeal in favor of technical analysis.  But I suppose if you are going to tell people the world isn’t flat, you better have your facts in line.  I would say this is a foundational work for anyone looking for evidence of advanced technologies in ancient construction.  Chris looks at both the most detailed artwork as well as the largest megalithic structures and reveals new details about both.