With all eyes focused on the Mayan Calendar this year, what if any is the connection to Atlantis?  It’s sort of interesting that none of the Edgar Cayce readings mention 2012.  Maybe it is because there is no connection, or maybe it’s because something was already supposed to have happened.  Having searched on my own and read everything I could get my hands on for the last 35 years, I have an increasing feeling that something should have happened by now.  I say this not just because there are lots of people actively searching for Atlantis, but I have this feeling that we are somehow living on a distorted timeline.   Being that that there is no scientific basis for this, I really don’t have any real reason for this.  It is still a feeling that events should be unfolding differently than they are.

There are many interpretations about what 2012 actually means.  Having talked to John Major Jenkins, who started the whole interest in 2012, I think we’re all in for a surprise.   I do see it as a catalyzing event.  The thought that something is going to happen, is likely to make things happen.   Perhaps this search for meaning around the 2012 date will actually create meaning in the process.  I’m hoping that all this searching will actually make for an even more interesting 2013.   And with any luck, the events of this year will result in some discoveries that might not have happened otherwise.   Perhaps this is the right timeline after-all.