Hyperborea is a mythical land in Greek mythology. Many think that it was within the Arctic Circle because the sun was always shining. Others believe that the land was past the Riphean Mountains. The poet Pindar thinks that it wasn’t actually a real place. However, the general consensus is that it was located to the far north of Thrace and a race of giants called the, Hyperboreans, lived there. Here’s a little bit more information about Hyperborea.

This area was thought to be perfect. Those who inhabited the land were very strong and intelligent. Eridanos, the main river, was lined with amber-weeping poplar trees and swans swam in the water.The land was blessed and produced grain and the countryside had beautiful forests. It was known as the “garden of Apollon”.

Three priests ruled Hyperborea. The land was a theocracy and the priests were giants. They were the sons of the North Wind, and known as Boreades. There was a circular temple in the capital that was dedicated to a certain god. He was celebrated with song, dance and music. The Hyperborean swans joined in as well to make a sweet song.

There are many stories involving the Hyperboreans. One of the most famous ones involved Abaris. The god Apollon gave him a magical arrow. He used it as a way to fly around the world to perform miracles.

It’s unclear as to what happened to Hyperborea. Some theorists claim that it’s fate was the same as Atlantis as the water encompassed the island. Other theories involve some sort of mysterious tragedy.