Green Castle is probably one of the most unique megalithic sites in the world.  So naturally you have never heard of it.   It’s not in any of the usual places like England or Ireland, it’s actually in the Caribbean on the island of Antigua.  You would think that such a popular tourist destination would have a “Caribbean Stonehenge” as an attraction.   The truth is if you go to visit, you will probably have trouble finding anyone who knows where it is.   I found a taxi driver who knew where it was and he not only took me there, he actually climbed up to the site with me.

Finding Green Castle is the easy part.  Getting there is it’s own set of challenges.  Access to the site is through a quarry which is on private land.  Assuming there is no blasting going on that day, and you can get permission, it’s about an hour hike over jagged rock and sharp grass.  There’s also the blasting wires that are hidden amongst the rock and grass.  I ended up with more than a few cuts and bruises.  But once you reach the top, it’s worth the trip.

The site would have probably been destroyed long ago by the encroaching quarry if one of the island’s past officials asked to be buried there some years ago.  So along side this grave marker are a series of standing stones in two levels.  The top level has the classic circle and apparent alignment stones.  I was not able to take measurements on my one trip but it was very similar to other stone circles I have seen – with one exception.  If you start looking at the obvious site lines, you will see that landscape has been modified to conform to this stone circle in the center of the island.  Points of alignment on the horizon have been notched into mountains miles away.  Technologically this is not a huge deal, but logistically this would have taken quite a bit of effort.  Next is the question of why do you need to be that precise?  For me the simple answer is reinforces the use of the stone circle if something were to happen.  If a stone became unaligned, by knowing where to look, you could reset things.

So what does this have to do with Atlantis?  That is still up in the air.  This is a unique site in the Caribbean and if Atlantis does have a connection in this part of the world it is worth a look.  My original assumption was that it was a calendar circle but I didn’t have the time measure it.  There’s also the possibility that it is an alignment tool like a map.  Following the alignments may take you to related places.  I hope to look into it more the next time I get back there.

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