In popular folklore, there is a mythical city of El Dorado. Some think that El Dorado may be another name for Atlantis.  Many individuals lust after gold and all things that glitter. For those that want wealth beyond their wildest imagination, they really want to believe that a place like El Dorado exists. Here’s a little more about this magical place that ignites a lust to find it in many.

The legend of El Dorado has been around for centuries. The origins of it are suspected to come from South America. In the 16th century, when the Spanish explorers went to South America, they heard stories about a chieftain that was covered in gold dust and threw jewels and gold into Lake Guatavita to appease an underwater god.

The Europeans believed that El Dorado could be found in the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was known as a place of countless wealth. Because of this, many have strove to try to find it, with many of them losing their lives in the process. In fact, it drove one person crazy trying to find it and he couldn’t take it anymore and ended up committing suicide.

Throughout the years, the suspected geographical location of El Dorado has shifted throughout the years. This is because so many people have gone to different locations in search of it and nothing has ever panned out. Still, many individuals will continue to look for it as they feel that if they are able to find it, they will experience wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, El Dorado has never been found. The Spaniards even tried to drain Lake Guatavita. They were able to find pieces of gold along the edge of the lake, but couldn’t drain it low enough to find the true treasures that they believed to be in the deepest of water. Today, the legend of El Dorado lives on and some individuals still try to seek the location of it.