Edward Cayce – “The Sleeping Prophet”

Edward Cayce is the modern day Nostradamus.  He is the most noted psychic of the 20th Century. Many of his sessions dealt with Atlantis and where it might be found and when.  Working with thousands of seekers, he has revealed past lives, and undiagnosed illnesses for over 40 years of his adult life.

Cayce was born in Kentucky in 1877. He showed signs of physic abilities from an early age. He held a strong desire to help people, especially children. The term “The Sleeping Prophet” was given to Cayce because when he performed his readings, he would like down, cross his hands over his chest and put himself into a sleep-like state. While in this state, he would answer questions from seekers offering practical help and advice.

Cayce was an active church member and taught Sunday school. He felt the way to become more psychic was to become more spiritual. He read the Bible every year of his life.

The majority of Cayce’s readings dealt with seekers health and treatment of illness. He is referred to as “The Father of Holistic Medicine.” He provided seekers with a wealth of information urging them to take responsibility for their health and developing their own intuition.

Hundreds of books have been written about Edward Cayce and his views on spiritual growth and holistic health. Although not without critics, Cayce had many famous clients that included Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Edison.

Cayce’s predictions about Atlantis was that part of it would be discovered again in the late 1960s.  While technically not discovered at the point, the Bimini wall made national headlines coinciding with Cayce’s prediction.  This J shaped underwater stone structure off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas continues to be explored and debated as to what it actually was.  Cayce also described a hall of records that is still to be found in Egypt and in the Yucatan.