Louisiana Mounds Over the past few months I’ve amassed several hundred KML files of lines and triangles from the databases I have created.  Sorting through these files makes finding a needle in a haystack seem like child’s play.    I originally started looking at the Louisiana mounds for a couple of reasons.  I had been associated with the Louisiana mounds society many years ago.  The head of the group died a few years ago and they disbanded.  I had hoped to reconnect when I was working their a couple years ago, but I was a few years late.  Aside from my personal connection, this is a largely ignored collection of archaeological sites which happens to be in an area which has some of the oldest evidence of human habitation in North America.

When I first started looking at the data, I started looking for equalator triangular connections.  I ended up with gobs of data that I probably would need a 72 inch monitor to sort out.  There were lots of overlapping shapes and it was difficult to see any real connection.   So I took a different look at straight lines to try and find a pattern.  I still have several hundred to go through, but I did find an interesting connection with two sets.  These two groups of three sites are parallel (each at an angle of 209.66 degrees) and twelve miles apart.  The combination seemed more than chance.

TeotihuacanOne of the nice things about Google Earth is that you can change your view of what you are looking at.   I started extending a line south from Markville mound and kept going.  877 miles later it comes very close to the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan.   The actual angle of the 4 sites is off by about 5 degrees, but over almost 900 miles it probably is not significant.  Considering there are several different models of the shape of the earth, and I don’t know where the original measurement points might have been, I have to accept some degree of inaccuracy.  That said, I think this represents a significant connection between these two cultures.  I don’t know if there is an Atlantis connection, but part of this search is a process of elimination.  I will hopefully be adding to the pattern as I go through the data that I have.  We’ll see where it goes.