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The Lost City Does Atlantis or Lemuria exist off the coast of Japan?  The attraction of hammerhead...

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Edgar Cayce

Edward Cayce – “The Sleeping Prophet” Edward Cayce is the modern day Nostradamus.  He is the most...

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Atlantis Poem

Legacy Beneath the Sea Waters rage in purple passion Moving sands in swirling fashion Freeing treasures trapped for years Amidst a culture’s final tears Lost beneath encroaching waves There wasn’t much to move or save Only to...

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When Did Atlantis Sink?

People have speculated over the dates Atlantis sank for years.   If you favor the Mediterranean version of Atlantis, you have one date.  If you favor something something in the Atlantic near Bimini, you typically favor an older...

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Megalithomania 2012

It’s time again for Megalithomania.  I haven’t had the pleasure of making it to the UK version of  this conference, but the US version was well worth it.   This isn’t a direct connection to this site, but...

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puma punku

What is the connection between Puma Punku and Atlantis?  Good question.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Puma Punku you may be more familiar with it’s close neighbor (1/4 mile) Tiahuanaco.  Both are near...

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