One of the challenges in investigating possible Atlantis connections is that most of the possible locations are under water.  I have taken the approach that things are connected, so by identifying the locations you know, you may be able to find the locations you don’t know.

Bimini triangle 1

This triangle is one of dozens I have identified. This one is approximately 860 miles on a side.  There are equilateral, 30-60-90, and isosceles triangles.  Shapes are not exact because locations are not exact, the shape of the earth has changed over time, and there are about 10 different spheroids for computing the shape of the earth.  This triangle is slightly off by a couple degrees but I’m assuming that’s because I don’t have the confirmed centers.
The Bimini center point is about 3 miles west of the island. I used this location based on a variety of research.  I’m assuming there is a true center point for the Bimini site, but if we knew that we wouldn’t still be looking for it.  If I am correct in assuming it is part of a system, we can narrow down the location based on known sites.
The Flowery Mound site in Louisiana is not specific.  There are roughly 10 other mounds in the vicinity that were eaqually good fits.  Poverty Point is considered by many to be the main site in the area based on size.  The important aspect of this area is that is considered to be the oldest habited site in North America dating back almost 10,000 years.
(Note that specific radio-carbon dates from Poverty Point do not date back that far.  The date reference was from Avery Island which is 12,000 BP per the State of Louisiana.  )  Edzna was sort of a surprise correlation in that it is not one of the better known sites.  I don’t know that there is anything specifically unique about it other than it has some impressive structures and is relatively unexcavated.  The site is in excess of 10 square kilometers so again I am challenged to identify a specific center for the site.   Occupancy dates before 400 BC and  based on the practices of the Maya, it may well have been built on a much older site.

I will be adding more shapes in the weeks ahead.  If you have specific locations you would like me to look at or if you would the KML file for this shape, just drop me a line at