The mystery of Bimini as Atlantis has captured the imaginations of some of the most respected and revered archaeologists, professors, and scientist of our time.  It’s a legend that has stood the test of time, even Plato spoke of the legend, with hundreds of people debating its location, searching for clues, examining every piece of evidence that is uncovered.  One of those clues, or pieces of evidence in some minds, is Bimini Road.

Bimini, located in the Bahamas, is home to one of the largest disputed locations of the lost city of Atlantis.  Bimini Road is a rock formation that is located underwater, which appears to be a manmade structure, not a natural element of nature.  Bimini Road is 1500 feet long, the stones lie strangely in an orderly road, unnatural for an ocean created phenomena.  The path lies just 18 feet below water.

Bimini Road was discovered in 1968 by three divers who were exploring the underwater environment off the coast of North Bimini.  They located a large path of pavement, which was later determined to be rounded stones of various size and thickness.  After the discovery, the formation has been explored and investigated by geologists, avocational archaeologists, professional archaeologists, anthropologists, marine engineers, innumerable divers, and many others.  There was no scientific evidence to conclude that the formation was in any manner an occurrence of natural events.

Other structures have been found underwater: large rectangular shaped structures that show up on ship sonar. While many expeditions have taken place to search the underwater area, they all run into the problem of the strong current of the Gulf Stream, which runs closely by where they explorers wish to dive.  The formations sat at the top of a ten foot drop that led to a flat area below.  It then descended toward the Gulf Stream, causing exploration to be impossible.

Also discovered while exploring the wonder of Bimini Road, is two linear features running parallel to the wondrous path.

Some believe that the findings are not Atlantis itself, but an Antlantian outpost, known historically as Alta, and believe the path extends all the way to Florida.

There are endless theories as to where Atlantis might be located, from the Greek Island of Santorini, to somewhere off the coast of Spain.  Most believe that the lost city is located in Bimini, just 50 miles east of Miami, Florida.  Imagine, a lost civilization just an hour’s boat ride from an American location.

While the theories are abundant, 95 percent of the underwater surroundings haven’t been explored.  We may never know if there ever was truly an Atlantis, or if there was, where it may be located.  The exploration and search is an enchanting and awe inspiring even regardless of ever finding the truth.