Is Atlantis in The Azores?

There are a variety of connections to suggest that the Azores and Atlantis might be inextricably linked. The Azores might be the location of the mythical city under the sea.

The Azores island chain is part of Portugal, and is comprised of nine volcanic volcanic islands in the North Atlantic ocean. It is located about 850 miles west of Portugal. It is allegedly known as “the remains of Atlantis” among Portuguese government agencies.

Their location is one reason that The Azores are posited as the location of Atlantis. Atlantis was hypothesized to be a large island in the ocean that surrounds the continents — placing it in the mid-Atlantic, where the Azores are.

An American congressman even took up this argument. Congressman Ignatius L. Donnelly published a book called “Atlantis: The Antediluvian World” in 1882. He suggested that the hilly islands were actually the mountain tops of Atlantis.

A modern day scholar, Dr. David Zink (1927-2008) also believed that Atlantis was located in The Azores. He cited Plato as supporting this claim, as Plato suggested that Atlantis was in between the continents.

Beyond geography, archaeological evidence also supports this theory. Several artifacts – including coins and sculptures – were discovered in 1427 in The Azores, suggesting an advanced civilization with its own language. Rock art was also discovered there, and more modern scholars believe there may be subterranean temples.

Just three years age, more evidence arose that supported the claim that the lost continent is located here. In 2013, a sailor discovered a 60 meter tall pyramid covering 8000 square meters under water. It is currently under investigation by the Portuguese navy, and does not appear to have natural origins.