The Atlantis Project

The search for Atlantis is probably one of the last great mysteries of the ancient world. Some people
believe it is a myth, where as others believe it is out there waiting to be found.

The problem with Atlantis is that it is a hugely political topic. There are almost as many theories about
it as there are people who are looking for it. Searchers range from the casual enthusiast to the completely obsessed. Sadly, the pressure to solve the mystery has led many people to fabricate evidence, stories, etc. This leaves all that follow after them to sift through the truths and untruths and try to make sense of it all. What’s worse is that the truth doesn’t always make for the most interesting books, TV, or web sites.

Having sifted through much of the available material over the past 30 years, I came to the conclusion that most of the different theories about Atlantis were not conflicting, but rather part of a larger picture. Having visited many ancient sites and done my own research I realized that there were lots of gaps.
Being a big picture point and not being focused on a particular area, I started putting together this web site as a convergence point for reputable researchers on Atlantis. The objective is to provide a
central place to make information available, and to hopefully develop into a funding vehicle to continue research in different parts of the world.

If you are a serious researcher interested in participating in this web site, please send details about
yourself for consideration. Criteria:

You must be a serious researcher with at least 5 years of some sort of pursuit of some aspect of Atlantis
You can’t be in it for the money, publicity,etc.